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Ann-Elizabeth Barnes has been a story-teller since she was a child. Her favorite thing to do is to make complicated subjects uncomplicated. She likes to do this because in school she didn’t always understand the significance and order of historical events as they were presented in class. It was often a hodge-podge of events that made sense to the teachers but not so much to the kids. She loved history but didn’t like it when it was described without a continuous thread that kept events in sequence. She loves context! She likes to put history in context so that it is simple to remember. So this is what she seeks to do for children. Make history interesting, simplify it, and keep it manageable! Out of this desire came the now 10 year old “Mumbet in the Schools” program for which she has received numerous Massachusetts Cultural Council grants and lots of help from the teachers and children in Berkshire County schools. PS this is her very first book and she is very excited!

About A Free Woman on God's Earth Learn More

"A Free Woman On God's Earth" is a juvenile biography for ages 8 and up containing over 40 illustrations. It is the story of Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman, the enslaved African woman who had the courage and conviction to speak what was in her heart, suing for her freedom in a Massachusetts court of law. In gaining her own freedom, she set the stage for the abolition of slavery in Massachusetts in 1783. An engaging history that fulfils the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for third, fourth and fifth grades in the categories of Local Biography, Local History, Revolutionary War Heroes.